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●CAKI(カキ)のジュエリー はハンドメイドのため1点1点見た目や質感が少しずつ異なります。とても繊細に作られており衝撃に弱いため、落下や衝突にご注意下さい。



















●他のジュエリー 類や硬いものと触れ合わないように別々に保管してください。





Please read the following carefully before placing your order. Jewelry 

CAKI's jewelry is all handmade therefore each piece can vary slightly. Jewelries are delicate and should be handle with care. Please avoid extreme force or dropping.

We highly recommend not to wear in following times  -Engaging in heavy exercise, bathing, swimming, sleeping, cooking, childcare or nursing. It may cause harm to you or others accidentally.  -Extremely hot or cold situations that may cause burns and frostbites.  -In hot springs and sea water.

Some people can have allergic reactions to metal. When you have symptoms on your skin, please stop the usage immediately and seek medical attention.

Orders All of CAKI items on online store are produced by order to prevent excess of production. Therefore, delivery time is 4 to 5 weeks from order confirmation. Cancellation / return policy All orders are final and cannot be cancelled, exchanged or refunded (unless accepted by the manufacturer as faulty) If the item is deemed as faulty, please contact us at info@caki.jp or use the contact form.

Repair policy We offer repair and maintenance services. Please email info@caki.jp with detailed request.

Silver items Silver items may naturally tarnish with exposure to the air however, with proper care, high shine can be kept and be enjoyed for many years.

Jewelry Care We recommend the use of a soft cloth with gentle rubbing after wearing. Clean off sweat, grease, cosmetics, before storing. Store separatly from other jewelry and hard objects. Store in a place where it is not exposed to direct sunlight, avoiding high temperatures and humidity and dry conditions. Store in jewelry box or zipper bags to avoid air exposure. CAKI offers repair and maintenance services. Please email info@caki.jp with detailed request.